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Despite what some people think, Culture in NOT the office happy hour on Fridays . . . Culture is a set of behavioral norms and unwritten rules that shape the organizational environment and how individuals interact and get work done.

Core Skills can guide you on the path to a positive and productive organizational culture where trust is the foundation of every interaction.


Because leadership is at the core of any organization, let us work with you to build the best individual leaders and help those leaders work together effectively.

Core Skills offers custom leadership services including:

  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Leadership Retreats and Work Sessions
  • Mindful Leadership Education and Coaching


Do you ever have one of those meetings where you KNOW people have things to say but they aren’t? Or maybe one person is saying a LOT without really moving the ball forward? Or maybe, you just need to collect unvarnished input from people and think they’ll be more responsive if you are not in the room?

In any case, you are smart to consider using a professional facilitator. We specialize in surfacing valuable input and helping your team move from discussion to action. We excel at asking helpful questions, seeing patterns, surfacing hurdles and helping navigate around them.


Sometimes you don’t have the answers. You need someone to come in and raise awareness, develop knowledge, and build skills. At Core Skills, we’ve come to believe the most impactful content for teams is in the areas of communication and wellness but we deliver other training content too. Check out our programs here:

Core Communicator

Core Wellness