Culture Matters…

Let’s create a culture that performs.

Despite what some people think, Culture is NOT the office happy hour on Fridays. . . .

Culture is the set of behavioral norms and unwritten rules that shape the organizational environment and how individuals interact and get work done in that environment.

Put simply, a well-crafted culture is made up of:
Values —> Behaviors —> Processes

Ideally, your organizational culture is a collection of values that you plant, grow, and collect with intention and energy. If not, it will grow organically, for better or for worse.

Core Skills can guide you on the path to a positive and productive organizational culture where trust is the foundation of every interaction.

We’re happy to help you with your strategic plan. But, remember, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” If you want to address root causes. If you want lasting growth and a desirable work environment, then let’s talk about CULTURE.

What clients say about working with Core Skills on Culture

We created Giant Oak with a strong commitment to a culture of hiring smart and nice people to support others engaged in public security and safety. When our software company began to grow quickly, Kristine helped us name and remain grounded in our cultural values, weaving those through our hiring, on-boarding, and team-building processes. Her guidance over time has helped us stay focused on what’s important, think creatively about our path, and enhance our positive and productive work environment in the midst of tremendous growth.
Gary M. Shiffman, PhD, CEO, Giant Oak