What do you need?

Want a leadership off-site to focus your management team?
Core Skills can provide a custom-made session to target precisely the leadership skills and discussions your team needs most.

Need to kick-start or revisit your organizational culture?
Good idea! “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” so let’s get the culture right. Core Skills can lead or facilitate the process for you.

Need to facilitate an important conversation?
A skillful and neutral facilitator can help your team collect unvarnished input and reach a decision. Solid communications skills are the cornerstone to success in productive, Core-led meetings and conversations.

Rolling out a training program?
Core Skills can offer training on wellness, communication, and many other topics. We customize content to meet your needs including team, timing, and resources.

Have specific employees who need coaching on presentation skills or running meetings?
We can provide one-on-one and small-group coaching on a variety of communications topics.

Need a dynamic keynote speaker for a conference or event?
Because core skills are fundamental to everyone, we can provide fun, dynamic, relevant and interesting speeches to any audience.

How We Work

Core Skills works directly with you to provide the precise training or facilitation package your organization needs.
From a fast-and-easy, 60 minute, off-the-shelf, lunchtime training . . . to custom, organization-wide facilitation, we deliver what you need most. Direct contact with principals and superior customer service means that your needs get met every time.