Let’s use true dialogue to get things done.

Do you ever have one of those meetings where you KNOW people have things to say but they aren’t?

Or maybe one person is saying a LOT without really moving the ball forward?

Or maybe, you just need to collect unvarnished input from people and think they’ll be more responsive if you are not in the room?

In any case, you are smart to consider using a professional facilitator.

Core Skills specializes in surfacing valuable input and helping your team move from discussion to action.

We excel at asking helpful questions, seeing patterns, surfacing hurdles, and helping you navigate around them.

We’ve helped clients with:

  • design sprints
  • focus groups
  • leadership strategy
  • meetings
  • retreats
  • negotiation
  • stakeholder engagement

What clients say about working with Core Skills on Facilitation.

Kristine did an impressive job keeping the discussion going and re-directing us toward a common goal. My conclusion is that without her we would not have made as much progress and might not be where we are now. I think she helped avoid a trade dispute.
US Member, bi-lateral trade working group


The facilitated session certainly laid the groundwork for a deal that I believe is satisfactory to both countries. Over the two days of the session, I could feel many misunderstandings and suspicions leaving the room. I was very pleased with Kristine’s performance, energy and knowledge of the issue. She was very well prepared. Her efforts were much appreciated.
Canadian Member, bi-lateral trade working group